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At RoseCrest, we believe that our residents deserve quality long-term care, dignity, and freedom to live a fulfilling life. Our Assisted Living residences empower residents to enjoy an appropriate level of independence while maintaining a sense of security with qualified, knowledgeable staff members available at their beck-and-call. Every resident receives personal attention from our team to ensure an appropriate level of care to balance an enriching, fulfilling life.

Assisted Living residents can take advantage of conveniences such as an on-campus beauty salon and barber shop as well as a dedicated dining area ready to serve up delicious and nutritional meals that never bore.

Visit our “Become a Resident” page to learn more.

Our Assisted Living Residences

Application Fee: $650*
Monthly Fee: $625 Level of Care

* One time only

Rates effective 10.01.2023


Each month is full of engaging social, recreational, and educational opportunities specifically for Assisted Living residents.

Scrub Brush Dandelions

Fun Interactive Craft creating dandelion flowers using recycled objects.

Follow Your Nose

Can you guess the correct smell?

Popsicle Stick Flag

Test your creativity and your skills at this fun challenging craft!

Sample Menu


Scrambled Eggs
With grit, sausage, cinnamon raisin toast, and your choice of juice


Sticky BBQ Spare Ribs
With southern-style potato salad and roasted green beans

Pecan Pie
Made with tradition and richness to bring back sweet memories


Soup & Sandwich
Homemade potato and bacon soup with a turkey avocado club sandwich and served with a three-bean salad

Peach Shortcake
Balancing sweet, ripe peaches and delightful cake for the perfect dessert

Other Assisted Living Options

Whether it’s a few days a week or longer, RoseCrest offers an affordable alternative to full-time Assisted Living or Memory Support.

Learn About Flexible Assisted Living

Give your loved one a well-deserved break with friends and activities catered to their interests while you go on vacation or run errands.

Learn About Short Term Respite

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